After much arduous effort, Mr Bean finally gets himself out of bed. He realises that he is late for a dental appointment, so he decides to dress and brush his teeth in his car on the way to the surgery. After arriving, Bean manages to steal a Batman comic from a boy in the waiting room.

In the dentist’s chair, Bean’s bad behaviour manages to accidentally inject the dentist with a shot of Novocain causing him to fall over and knock himself out. Bean decides to treat himself but is confused over which tooth to treat. It’s one of four, so he decides to fix all of them. Satisfied with his work, he leaves.

Mr Bean decides to go to the park for a picnic. Passing a pond, he spots a boy who is having trouble with his remote-controlled boat. Bean tries to help the boy out but ends up controlling an electric wheelchair behind him, causing all sorts of mayhem. The boy is dumped in the pond by the wheelchair as Mr Bean walks away.

Bean finds a nice spot to have a picnic. Unfortunately, a wasp takes a liking to his cupcake and he spends the next five minutes attempting to catch it by all the means open to him. He eventually manages to swat it between the pages of a book, but his success is short-lived as he manages to pique an entire swarm of wasps. Bean scrams for his life!


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 1 January 1992
  • The first episode to feature Mr Bean’s soft toy, Teddy.
  • The first time we see how Bean immobilises his car by removing the steering wheel.
  • Bean’s strange taste in duvet covers is first shown. In this episode, his duvet depicts the A-Team.
  • Bean has a unique way of waking himself up; a hose connected to his coffee maker, spraying hot water onto his foot.
  • Bean has another run-in with the blue Reliant. He pushes it out of a parking space outside the dentist’s and gets it a parking ticket.



[Mr Bean arriving at the dentist’s reception]:
Bean: Bean.
Receptionist: If you’d like to take a seat.



This was the highest rated episode with an audience of nearly 19 million viewers.



Goofs and Revealing Mistakes

When Bean’s foot touches the centre of the steering wheel the horn is sounded. On his make of car however, the horn button for his car is not located on the steering wheel.

When Bean drives to the dentist, the scenery outside the window keeps changing dramatically between shots. In some shots, he is driving along a single lane highway with buildings on the sides and in other shots he is driving along a divided highway with no buildings.

When Bean locks and leaves his car the steering wheel is in its position, but when the car thief tries to jack the car it has disappeared.

When Bean is changing in his car, he first has his pyjama bottoms on. When the camera angle changes, he is now wearing slacks. Another camera angle change and he is back to wearing pyjamas.

When Bean is about to wake up, the “seconds hand” on his clock do not move.


Guest Actors

Richard Wilson
Caroline Quentin
Sam Mead
Christine Ellerbeck
Hugo Mendez
Michael Godley
Nathan Lewis

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