Mr Bean makes a visit to a public swimming pool. He has a go at the high-diving board but chickens out as he peers over the edge. Two loitering boys stomp on his fingers as he dangles from the board sending him into the water. He loses his trunks and terrifies some women swimmers before he makes a run for it.

After getting out of the car park without paying, he goes off to the park for his lunch break. He makes himself a sandwich by using a pair of scissors, a credit card, and various other things close by. After dropping his sandwich when he sneezes, the man next to him offers him a pre-packed sandwich to eat which he gratefully accepts.

Bean goes off to see a horror film with his girlfriend. He sits there with a giant tub of popcorn while she ends up with a small one. As usual, Mr Bean starts to act like an eight-year-old, irritating everyone around him, including his girlfriend. When the film starts, Bean gets so scared of the sounds and the images onscreen that he blocks them out by stuffing two pieces of popcorn into his ears and the empty giant tub of popcorn over his head.


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 30 December 1990
  • First appearance of Bean’s girlfriend, Irma Gobb.
  • First appearance of Bean’s green Mini.
  • Bean tries out the children’s elephant slide in the swimming pool before the lifeguard catches him.
  • Bean tries to get out of the car park for free after he sees the £16 charge. He tries to trick the machine into opening the barrier with
    a refuse container but is thwarted. He eventually gets out when the blue Reliant turns up to enter. Bean races towards it sending
    it toppling over once again.
  • After visiting the park, Bean drives home in his Mini. At a red light, he spots a cyclist getting off his bike and pushing it to
    the left before mounting and riding off. Bean does the same with his Mini.


[Mr Bean seated next to a man on a park bench]:
Bean: Just popped out for lunch.
Man on bench: Nothing like a quick sandwich.
Bean: Oh absolutely.

[Mr Bean seated next to a man on a park bench using his credit card as a butter spreader]:
Bean: My flexible friend.



The scene in which Mr Bean’s Mini accelerates towards the car park entrance when the barrier is opened references the film Christine.

The scene where the naked Bean accidentally exposes himself to the female swimmers was cut in Nickelodeon airings in the UK and was frozen in airings in the Philippines.

Angus Deayton plays two roles in this episode; one of the lifeguards at the pool and the man on the park bench who witnesses Bean’s attempts to make his sandwich.

Following its broadcast in the United States, this episode was awarded the International Emmy Award for Outstanding Popular Arts Programme.


Guest Actors

Angus Deayton
Matilda Ziegler

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