Mr Bean goes to a laundromat where he washes his clothes and various other items. While there he gets teased by a bully, mixes his trousers up with a lady’s skirt, destroys most of the items he went there to wash and finally ends up stuck inside a drier. Bean decides to get his revenge on the bully by destroying his wash, which he does by swapping his cup of washing fluid with black coffee. As the bully takes his frustrations out on the manager, Bean takes his laundry items out of the washing machine. They are all totally transformed by the washing process. In an attempt to get his trousers back that he has misplaced, Bean crawls inside a drier that a woman is using. It is turned on and he is spun.

Mr Bean then goes to play a game of “Krazy Golf”. He gets a hole-in-one on the first hole and writes it down. On the second hole, now very confident, Bean hits the ball out of the grounds of the golf course. AS Bean goes to pick it up, the man at the booth shouts OI, indicating that he must play the ball where it lies. Bean is then sent on a circuitous route around the town, unable to control the ball. The golf ball ends up on a bus, inside a lady’s shopping bag, on a boy’s ice-cream, up a car’s exhaust pipe, on a rubbish cart and then comes to rest on a village green. He cuts the turf around the ball and hitch-hikes back to the golf course. He taps the ball into the hole for a score of 3427.


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 16 October 1995
  • Mr Bean keeps a one pound coin in a paper pouch attached by a piece of string to the inside of his trousers.
  • Instead of using washing powder, Bean has a bar of soap which he slices up with a cheese grater.
  • Bean’s wash consists of a blow-up toy, some furry dice, a welcome mat, a lampshade, Teddy and his underpants. Teddy comes out shrunken but is back to his old self in the next episode, Goodnight Mr Bean.
  • When Bean attempts to hitch-hike back to the golf course, the first car to stop is a blue Reliant. He Bean pretends not to have noticed him and puts his thumb out for another car.



[Mr Bean putting his underpants into the wash]:
Bean: Monday..Tues



Bean drinking the detergent and getting into the drier is usually edited out of reruns on Nickelodeon. The part when the golf ball is stuck in the car’s exhaust pipe causing it to explode was also cut.

The Vauxhall Omega car that stops to give Bean a lift has music playing on the car stereo, the music is the theme tune to The Vicar of Dibley, another comedy written by Richard Curtis.



Goofs and Revealing Mistakes

When Bean visits the laundry and plans his “revenge” on the “tough guy”, we can see that he clearly pours out a cup of “Black coffee”. In the next shot, it has milk in it. When the “tough guy” accidentally pours it into the laundry machine, it’s black again.

When Bean removes his underwear from the washing machine, you can tell that it is not even slightly damp.

In some shots, it is obvious that the washing machine that Bean is using isn’t filled up, or even loaded or moving while it’s supposed to be on.


Guest Actors

Marilyn Finlay
David Battley
Grant Masters
Jacqueline Defferary

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