Mr Bean’s Teddy made its debut in The Trouble with Mr Bean. Getting up late for the dentist, Mr Bean rushes out of his door only to return to make sure Teddy is tucked in:-

Now with a slightly different appearance in Mr Bean Rides Again, Bean contemplates cutting Teddy into pieces to fit it into his packing case but then changes his mind:-

In Merry Christmas, Mr Bean, Bean opens Teddy’s stocking ( which he placed there on Christmas Eve ) on Christmas morning to find a new button for Teddy’s missing eye:-

Teddy takes a break with Mr Bean in a hotel in Room 426 and then suffers the indignity of accidentally losing its head in a drawer:-

With its head now back in place, Teddy becomes a makeshift paintbrush in Do-It-yourself Mr Bean

A cleaned up Teddy takes a wash in a laundromat in Tee Off Mr Bean and comes out shrunken:-

In Goodnight Mr Bean Teddy ( now back to full size ) takes a ride on a guardsman’s bayonet and later is read a bedtime story by Mr Bean:-

In Mr Bean of London, Bean goes to a fete and enters Teddy into a dogs’ show:-