Mr Bean has to catch a bus to the post office as his car battery is dead. A man at the bus stop has a heart attack while waiting. Bean does everything he can to rouse the man, including re-starting his heart with some jump leads. When the ambulance arrives, Bean uses the ambulance battery to jump-start his car, leaving the ambulance immobile and with a dead battery.

Mr Bean heads towards a postbox and accidentally swallows his postage stamp. He peels a stamp from a woman’s letter after he offered to post it for her and sticks it to his own with a sweet. He ends up hiding in the postbox when the postman is told by the woman that her letter is lying on the ground. He is finally released by another postman sometime later and then promptly loses his car keys down a drain.

Packing his case for a holiday, Bean has to downsize all of his belongings as his suitcase is much too small. He then finds a larger case under his bed, so puts the smaller case inside that one along with a book.

Bean’s journey on a train is ruined by an irritating, noisy, laughing man in the same carriage reading an apparently amusing book. Bean tries everything he can think of to shut him up.

Mr Bean boards an aircraft and is forced to look after a sick boy next to him. He tries to cheer him up in the usual Bean way by playing around with all the things that are available to him, including a self-inflating life jacket. Bean then rummages about looking for a bag to pop to amuse the boy. Unseen by Bean, the boy vomits into a sick bag and hands it to Bean to dispose of. Bean, pleased to see the large bag, prepares to pop it.


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 17 February 1992
  • Bean is flying on a British Airtours Boeing 737-400.
  • Mr Bean shows more of his car security system. He takes a key out of the car which opens the boot where he gets another key which opens
    the bonnet where he gets the ignition key.
  • On the train to the airport, Bean blocks out the laughter of the man in the train cubicle by sticking bubblegum into his ears.



Nick Hancock, who played the thief in Mr Bean Goes to Town, returns as the train conductor.

The heart attack scene was censored when broadcast on Nickelodeon UK.

The joke of Bean popping a vomit-filled bag is reused in the movie Bean. However, in this episode, the scene ends without showing the outcome.


Goofs and Revealing Mistakes

A child that age on the plane sitting next to Bean is far too young. Children of that age are kept in a separate area where the flight attendants can keep an eye on them.


Guest Actors

Roger sloman
Stu Douglas
John Rolfe
Nick Hancock
Stephen Frost

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