Mr Bean goes to the barber’s for a haircut. The barber is interrupted by a long telephone call, and when three other customers come in, they assume that Mr Bean is the barber. He gives them all a terrible haircut. Bean escapes behind a Prince Charles photograph when the angry customers come back to complain.

Mr Bean goes to a fete. Unable to find a parking space, he drives into one of the sheep pens – after displacing a flock of sheep. He goes inside and proceeds to cheat at the indoor games. He wins at Electro-Wire by switching it off at the plug; and then plays an unconventional game of “Hit the Headmaster. He enters his Teddy into a dogs’ show ( even though Teddy is not alive and not even a dog ) and cheats at that also. He creates mayhem after discarding a bone and then he makes his exit.

Bean gets off the train at St Pancras station and then finds that he has lost his ticket. He decides to sneak past the guards and does so after many failed attempts by hiding inside a mailbag and crawling towards the gate. Two station workers appear and put the mailbag onto a train. The mailbag makes its way to its destination. Unfortunately, its destination is Moscow!


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 15 November 1995
  • Mr Bean reads the Dandy comic in the barber’s.
  • Acting as the barber, Bean gives a young boy a Mohican, cuts a man’s ponytail off and sticks bits of hair on a man’s bald patch.
  • At the fete Bean parks in a sheep pen after sounding his horn to get the sheep out of the way.
  • Bean’s Teddy bear is in the passenger seat of his Mini wearing a seatbelt and sitting on a pile of books when he arrives at the fete.
  • Bean pretends to put a coin into a girl’s collection box by holding his coin over the slot and shaking the tin.
  • Bean wins a dog’s bone at the dog’s show. He swaps it for a jar of honey, throwing the bone into the tent causing much chaos.
  • The closing credits show Bean’s passage to Moscow on a boat and then a train.



[Another customer comes in for a haircut]:
Bean: Won’t be long.[Mr Bean points to his watch]

[Mr Bean to his Teddy after arriving at the fete]:
Bean: I’ll be about an hour.




The episode was first screened on United Kingdom television on 25 August 2006, when it was shown on satellite and other cable stations. For some time it remained the only full-length Mr Bean episode not to air on United Kingdom terrestrial television. It has since been broadcast on ITV.

The train scene inspired the train scene in Mr Bean’s Holiday.



Goofs and Revealing Mistakes

The man wearing a ponytail picks up the same magazine at the barbershop on two occasions.


Guest Actors

Colin Wells
Frederick Treves

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