Mr Bean arrives at a posh hotel for a short break. Straight away he starts to compete with the man staying in the next room by engaging in a race to the fourth floor, which Bean somehow manages to lose to his oblivious neighbour. Bean stays in room 426 where he manages to occupy himself by getting himself involved in all sorts of japes, namely; jumping on the bed, drilling holes in the walls to hang his pictures, playing with his tv remote and creating a big hole behind the wardrobe to use his neighbour’s bath.

Off to lunch, Bean finds the lift out of order, so has to use the stairs. He ends up, much to his annoyance, being jammed between an elderly man and his wife.

Finally, at lunch, he pushes his way to the front of the queue and chooses the exact same items from the buffet as his neighbour. He gulps down a load of oysters and then discovers they are rotten after his neighbour turns his nose up at them.

Later that night, Bean is in bed feeling unwell. He has a nightmare about oysters and wakes up, sweating profusely. He takes off his pyjamas. His other neighbour is playing loud music, so he goes to bang on his door and ends up getting locked out of his room stark naked. He goes down to the lobby covering himself with a fire extinguisher to get a spare key. Danny La Rue is entertaining in the hotel, so Bean gets into one of La Rue’s frocks from his trunk to cover himself up. La Rue sees Bean in his frock, shouts “Here, that’s my frock” and angrily pulls off one of the earrings Bean is wearing. Bean groans in pain.


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 1 March 1993
  • At reception, Mr Bean has to look at his neighbour’s registration form before he can fill in his nationality.
  • When the bellboy coughs looking for a tip, Bean misinterprets it and gives him a cough sweet.
  • In the hotel room, Bean puts his own curtains and lampshades up.
  • Shirley Bassey, a still life and the Flying Scotsman are among some of the pictures Bean hangs on the wall.


[Mr Bean signing in at reception]:
Bean: Ah..Bean.
Concierge: Would you like a pen sir?
Bean: Oh thank you very much. [Bean put the pen in his pocket and takes out his own]



This episode was shot entirely on film instead of the usual videotape. Usually, outdoor scenes are shot on film and indoor scenes on video. The next episode to be shot entirely on film would be Mind the Baby Mr Bean.

It is the first episode to consist of one storyline instead of separate sketches.

In later airings, the explicit scenes of Mr Bean naked were edited, including crawling into the elevator to avoid revealing his butt.

This episode was never shown on Nickelodeon UK, probably due to Bean spending most of the second half of the episode naked.



Guest Actors

Danny La Rue
Roger Brierley
Matthew Ashforde
Michael Fenton Stevens

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