Mr Bean buys a television for his flat but has great difficulty getting a good reception. He finds that the only remedy is to strip down to his underwear. Finally, with his television giving a good picture, the electricity meter runs out, plunging his flat into darkness.

Bean goes to the park to try out his new camera but gets it stolen when he asks someone to take his photograph. Bean chases down and manages to stop the man by putting a rubbish bin over his head and stabbing him with a pencil. He escapes as Bean tries to alert a passing police officer. The thief is eventually identified at a police identity parade by Bean insisting that they all wear bins over their heads and are poked with a pencil.

Bean goes into town and gets an itchy foot. He takes off his shoe and sock to scratch it and puts the shoe on the roof of a car. Unfortunately, it drives off and Mr Bean is sent on a wild-goose-chase across town before he finally gets it back.

On the night, Mr Bean takes his girlfriend to a magic show and then a disco. He embarrasses his girlfriend so much, mainly by completely messing up the magic act, that she is thrown into the arms of another man, who she dances with at the disco. Despite Bean’s best efforts, he fails to get her back. As he leaves, he throws a switch in anger and cuts the power to the nightclub.


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 15 October 1991
  • Second appearance of Mr Bean’s girlfriend, Irma Gobb.
  • This is the first time we see Bean’s flat.
  • Mr Bean stops at a shop window to comb his hair but is unable to see the back of his head. To remedy this he stops at a photobooth to take some photos. He checks the photos to check that the hair on the back of his head is neat enough.
  • The nightclub, Club Phut, is referenced in The Return of Mr Bean. In it, Bean walks past a wall with the word “PHUT!” scribbled on it.
  • At the nightclub, Bean is confused by the flashing neon sign outside. He hits it to stop it flashing only for it to burn out and turn off entirely.



[Mr Bean to the magician while ruining his magic act]:
Bean: Excuse me, I’m looking for my watch.



The scene when Bean pushes wires into a plug and removes his pants then underwear was cut when broadcast on Nickelodeon UK and Disney Channel.

This episode features cameo appearances of music composer Howard Goodall and writer Robin Driscoll.

Real-life magician Alan Shaxon appears as Eddie Spangle.

This is the first episode to be produced and broadcast in stereo.

Goofs and Revealing Mistakes

When Bean takes the TV out of the box you can see the boom microphone reflected in the screen.


Guest Actors

Nick Hancock
Dursley McLinden
Matilda Ziegler
Alan Shaxon
Julia Howson
Richard Marcangelo
Mark Khan
Phil Nice

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