The following sketches appeared only on video:-

Mr Bean in the Library

Airdate: 5 April 1990

Mr Bean visits a rare book library. He is issued a rare book that has to be handled with gloves. He gets out a pencil, a crayon and some tracing paper and continues to copy a page of the book. He inadvertently sneezes and blows the tracing paper away. He fails to notice this, and continues to shade, but directly onto the book instead of the tracing paper. After finally realising what he has done, he attempts to remove the crayon marks – first by erasing, and then by using correction fluid. He shuts the book when a librarian passes. He eventually resorts to tearing out the pages he has ruined.

Bean then proceeds to use a knife to neaten up the stubs of the pages he has torn out but also cuts out other pages. He tries to swap his book with that of someone else the table and does so but is caught red-handed when he tries to retrieve his Dennis the Menace and Gnasher bookmark from his original book.


Mr Bean at the Bus Stop

Airdate: 15 May 1991

Mr Bean waits behind a man at a bus stop. When the bus arrives, the man gets on, but the driver turns Bean away as the bus is full. Determined to be the first in line for the next bus, Bean tries to cut ahead of a woman with a baby carriage and a blind man. Soon after, Bean manages to get to the front and several people join the end of the line.

When the bus comes, it drives on past the bus stop so that the end of the line is now the front of the line. Everyone but Bean is allowed on the bus, and Bean is left behind again.