Mr Bean goes to a funfair and accidentally drags a baby’s pram along with him when the handle of his minis boot snags it. His attempts to deliver the child to safety are thwarted, so he has no choice but to look after it himself, and he does this while also enjoying himself at the funfair and going on most of the rides.

Mr Bean decides to go off on his own, leaving the baby in a Postman Pat kiddie ride to cheer it up with enough coins in it for nine replays. When he comes back a massive queue for the ride has developed, but Bean, oblivious to the queue, decides to put more coins in the ride. A disgruntled mother curses at him to remove the baby, a request which he grudgingly accepts. Bean then realises that the baby needs its nappy changing, so rips open a girl’s teddy bear to use as a temporary fix.

After more mayhem in the amusement park, Mr Bean cannot stop the baby from crying, so decides to buy it a bunch of helium-filled balloons. The balloons then promptly lift the pram and the baby into the air. Bean has to use a bow-and-arrow and his archery skills to burst some of the balloons, bringing it down gently right next to its overjoyed mother. Bean drives off in his Mini.


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 1 March 1993
  • The first episode in which Teddy did not appear since its introduction in The Trouble with Mr Bean.
  • Bean nods off on the Big Dipper and has to be woken up after the ride by the operator.
  • The song played at the dodgems is Mud’s 1974 UK No. 1 hit “Tiger Feet” and Johnny Kidd & the Pirates’ 1960 hit “Shakin’ All Over” is played on the waltzers.
  • Bean cheats at a darts game and wins a goldfish.
  • The goldfish springs a leak, so Bean has to put it into his mouth. He later coughs it into another bowl while playing bingo.
  • In the closing scene, unable to give the squeaky toy back to the baby, Bean squeaks it and is joined in the car by the large dog that he tangled with earlier.



[After a car nearly crashes into the baby]:
Bean: Maniac!

[Attempting to off-load the baby onto a man in a toy police hat]:
Bean: Excuse me Officer!



The entire episode was filmed at Clarence Pier, Southsea, Portsmouth.

At the amusement park all the rides have now been replaced but the roller-coaster and amusement arcades seen in the background still exist today.

This is one of only two episodes to be filmed entirely on location and feature a single storyline. The other is Mr Bean in Room 426.

This episode was originally due to air on the ITV Network on 1 March 1993 but was delayed for over a year as it was considered inappropriate following the murder of toddler James Bulger on February 12, 1993. The eventual first transmission of the episode – on Monday 25 April 1994 – did not include an advertisement break as a mark of respect.

When Bean is on the roller-coaster ride on which Rowan Atkinson keeps a straight face throughout, it was actually a fake roller-coaster and the background was edited by a computer to give the illusion that Atkinson was on a real roller-coaster ride.

The idea that a number of balloons could lift a small child into the sky was tested in MythBusters. It was proven to be plausible, although an impracticably large number of balloons were needed.



Goofs and Revealing Mistakes

When Bean throws the dart with the card attached, it hits the wall at an angle. In the next shot, it is perfectly vertical.

After Bean bursts some balloons to bring the trolley down to the ground, in some shots, you can see all the balloons fully intact.


Guest Actors

Nick Scott
Andy Bradford


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