It’s Christmas Eve and Mr Bean decides to visit Harrods department store to buy some goods for Christmas. He buys some Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. He tests the Christmas lights by using the same socket that is powering the store’s external lights, thereby plunging the facade of the store into darkness. After playing with a nativity scene, Bean leaves the store with his bag of shopping.

Bean then meets his girlfriend, Irma Gobb, in town. He goes into a jeweller’s to buy Irma a present. She thinks he is buying an engagement ring. After winning a turkey and catching a pickpocket, Bean conducts a brass brand. He then journeys home with the town’s enormous Christmas tree perched on top of his Mini.

Mr Bean prepares for Christmas. He lays out the Christmas stockings, makes a Christmas cracker and deals very rudely with a group of carol singers.

It’s Christmas morning and Bean looks at what Father Christmas has left him. There is a present for Teddy and one for the mouse in his skirting board. He goes into the kitchen to prepare the turkey and gets his head stuck inside it while looking for his lost watch just as his girlfriend, Irma, arrives.

After Irma has helped to free Bean’s head from the turkey, they both sit down for Christmas lunch – cranberry sauce sandwiches. Then they swap Christmas presents. Irma gives him a model kit, and he gives Irma a placard from the jeweller’s shop depicting a man and woman staring approvingly at an engagement ring. Apparently, he thought Irma was pointing at the placard and not at the engagement ring she wanted. Irma leaves the flat, very upset, slamming the door behind her, never to be seen again.


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 31 December 1992
  • Third and last appearance of Mr Bean’s girlfriend, Irma Gobb.
  • In the nativity scene in the store, Bean plays with the figurines of a T.Rex, two army tanks, a Dalek and a helicopter. The store manager stops him by using the figurine of a policeman.
  • On Christmas morning Bean leaves himself a sock, Teddy gets two drawing pins to replace his eyes and the mouse gets a piece of cheese. He Bean puts the piece of cheese into a mousetrap.
  • The closing scene shows the outside of Bean’s window. The super Christmas cracker he made earlier from various other crackers, produces a bright flash seen through the curtains.
  • The conductor is shown putting jewellery in what is presumably his car, implying he isn’t donating what he collects, but is rather stealing it for himself.



[Mr Bean gets his Christmas present, a model kit, from his girlfriend, Irma]:
Bean: Oh a classic ship… look at all these bits.. look at all those guns.

[Mr Bean gives Irma the promotional cut-out rather than the ring she was expecting]:
Bean: It’s got this cardboard thing on the back, so it can stand there or it can stand there or it can even stand just here… It’s brilliant.



This was the final episode written by Richard Curtis.

The market scene was shot in Kingston.

The retail version of this episode includes an extra scene where Bean attempts to win the turkey he eventually ends up wearing on his head.

The tune that Bean hums as he puts a soldier onto the Nativity scene is the theme tune to the TV series Blackadder Goes Forth, in which he plays the main character.



Goofs and Revealing Mistakes

When Bean goes to the counter after choosing an ornament for his Christmas tree, the shadow of the camera can be glimpsed on the desk.

When Bean drives away with a Christmas tree, a shadow can be seen cast over a street sign.

The scene when Bean drives of with the tree on top of his car is reversed.

When Bean hands over the collection box to the Salvation Army conductor, it is obviously paper in the tin made to look full.

Bean loses his watch inside the turkey, but when he has the turkey on his head, he is wearing the watch on his wrist.

The washing-up liquid bottle moves between scenes.


Guest Actors

Owen Brennan
Matilda Ziegler
John Warner
Jonathan Stratt

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