After getting his hand stuck inside a teapot, Mr Bean has to take a trip to the hospital. He parks directly behind an ambulance blocking its rear doors. Now inside the hospital, Bean discovers that it has a numerical queueing system. He is shocked to discover that his number is seventy-six but the digital counter only shows twenty-two. Mr Bean furiously tries every trick in the book to obtain a lower number. His efforts, despite being very inventive, are ultimately foiled.

Mr Bean visits Windsor castle and takes many photographs, including one of the inside of a dustbin. He then tries to get a photograph of himself with the Queen’s guard by balancing the camera on a sundial. He decorates the guard with all sorts of paraphernalia, even hanging his Teddy on the guard’s bayonet. The charge is called and the guard walks away just before Mr Bean can take a photo.

It’s Mr Bean’s bedtime (and also Teddy’s!) After turning the light out by using his own unique technique (shooting the lightbulb with a pistol) he finds that he cannot get to sleep. After chasing away some noisy cats, he decides to cure his insomnia by watching a televised chess match. When this fails, he takes out a photograph of some sheep which he counts with the aid of a pocket calculator. Looking at the number on the calculator display, he promptly falls to sleep.


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 16 October 1995
  • Bean has a new Mini, replacing the one that was destroyed in Back to School, Mr Bean.
  • Mr Bean parks right behind an ambulance at the hospital, preventing the ambulance men getting out with their patient.
  • The way Bean makes his way to the front of the queue in the hospital is similar to the way he gets to the front of the queue in the restaurant in Mr Bean in Room 426.
  • Bean takes out his new electric toothbrush before bedtime. As well as cleaning his teeth with it, he also uses it to clean out his ears.
  • Bean reads Asterix in bed. Teddy also reads it with his own pair of spectacles.
  • Teddy has his own little cardboard box under the bed that he sleeps in.
  • Bean chases away the noisy cats by disguising himself as a dog and barking.
  • The chess match is interrupted by a loud Bodyform commercial, thwarting Bean’s attempt to get to sleep.
  • The closing scene shows Bean falling out of bed.



[Mr Bean at the hospital reception]:
Receptionist: Name please.
Bean: Ehh..Bean.

[Mr Bean looking at himself in the mirror before going to bed]:
Bean :Goodnight.



The pistol firing scene was cut out on some children’s channels, due to its violent nature.



Goofs and Revealing Mistakes

Bean tries to get to sleep by counting sheep on a poster. After a few miscounts he decides to count them by multiplying the number of rows of sheep with the number of columns. On his calculator, he types 27 x 15 which equals 405. It is obvious though, that there are far fewer sheep – in fact, there are only 43.


Guest Actors

Elizabeth Bennett
Rupert Bates
Suzy Aitchison

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