Mr Bean invites his two “friends” Rupert and Hubert to his New Year’s party. After handing them their party hats, Mr Bean goes into the kitchen to get the Champagne and Twiglets. All out of Champagne and Twiglets, Mr Bean improvises. He serves sugared vinegar for Champagne and Marmite covered twigs for Twiglets. So bored are Rupert and Hubert by Mr Bean’s feeble party that they turn the clock forward to midnight and start to sing “Auld Lang Syne”. They leave saying they are tired but merely slip across to the next apartment where a swinging party is taking place. Later, Mr Bean finds out that he has been duped.

Mr Bean goes to a department store to buy an armchair in the January sales. He goes to the front of a long queue, and to the annoyance of everyone, reveals the supposed sleeping figure in a sleeping bag to be a fake. Bean purchases his armchair and also some paint cans and assorted brushes and mops. Realising that there is no room for him in the car, as it is now full of other items, he puts the armchair on the roof of his Mini, sits in it, and comes up with an ingenious way of driving it by remote. He then goes on a daredevil drive, finally steering his Mini into the back of a van full of pillow feathers.

Bean wants to give his flat a make-over. After “moving a hole” in his wall using a ridiculously impractical method, he decides to paint his room white. His paintbrushes are no good, so he uses Teddy’s head instead. This is not working, but Mr Bean has an idea. He covers everything in his room with newspaper and puts a firework into a can of white paint. He lights it and runs from the room. When he goes back into the room, he sees that his plan has worked except for an area which shows a silhouette of Hubert reaching for the hat that he left there the night before.


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 10 January 1994
  • Bean wears a party hat made of newspaper and so does Teddy.
  • The Kinks’ 1964 hit You Really Got Me is featured in this episode, as is Des O’Connor’s hit “Dick a Dum-Dum.”
  • Bean puts his doorknob into the fruit bowl for safekeeping every time he closes the door.
  • Bean’s duvet cover depicts The Thunderbirds.



[Rupert and Hubert arrive at Mr Bean’s for a New Year’s Eve party]:
Bean: Rupert, Hubert, come in and take your whatsits off.

[Mr Bean puzzled by the fact that the clock is chiming midnight]:
Bean: Doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying yourselves?



The shot of Bean decapitating Princess Diana’s picture was cut from later airings following her death in a car crash in 1997.

MythBusters tested the idea of painting with explosives after being inspired by a rerun of the episode. They ran tests to see if it was really possible to cover an entire room with paint by exploding a firework in a can of paint, but the method was busted.



Guest Actors

Robert Austin
Helen Burns
David Stoll
Rupert Vansittart
Andy Greenhalgh


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