Mr Bean attends the open day at a local school. Unable to find a parking space, he spots a similar looking Mini in a reserved space and swaps the cars, even getting some army cadets to help him push the other Mini away. After confusing some other army cadets doing a ceremonial march, Bean enters the school building.

As soon as Mr Bean goes in the building, he does his usual act of behaving like an eight-year-old child. After miscellaneous adventures, he finally gets himself to a still-life art class. After drawing a banana, Mr Bean is presented, much to his embarrassment, with a naked woman to draw. Off he goes to the end of the room to make a bra from potters clay. The woman now covered up, Bean continues with his drawing.

At a judo lesson, Mr Bean is scared to take a throw from the judo demonstrator. Instead, he goes behind him during the ceremonial bow and rolls him up in the mat. After changing back into his clothes, Bean discovers that he has swapped trousers with someone else. He eventually gets them back after de-trousering the man in the toilets.

As Bean exits the school, it is announced over the loudspeaker that there will shortly be a demonstration. Bean is unable to find his Mini where it was originally parked but eventually sees it in the middle of the car park. As he engrosses himself with the cake stall, an armoured tank comes out of nowhere and crushes Bean’s Mini flat. With a sad look on his face, he walks over to the wreck. Amongst the misshapen metal, he finds undamaged the padlock he uses to lock his car. He smiles and walks off.


Extra Stuff

  • Airdate: 15 November 1994
  • The second episode in which Teddy does not appear since its introduction in The Trouble with Mr Bean.
  • While in the school, Bean messes up a stamp album, frightens a calligrapher and gets paper stuck to him after using a Van de Graff generator.
  • When Bean passes the paper stuck to his hand on to a weaver, her skirt shoots up above her head.
  • Bean messes up a boy’s chemistry experiment. The boy later appears covered from head-to-toe in a blue chemical powder.
  • Bean has a name tag on the inside of his trousers.



The episode was shot at Shene School in East Sheen.

The majority of the episode was filmed at an actual school – Waldergrave School For Girls, Twickenham, Middlesex. The studio scenes were recorded at nearby Teddington Studios.

Some portions of the episode were cut for the broadcasts on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon; namely, when the lady’s skirt reveals her legs and panties and shots involving the naked model in the art class.

Just before Bean’s beloved Mini is crushed by the tank an announcement is made on the PA. The voice is that of Rowan Atkinson.


Guest Actors

David Schneider
John Barrard
Christopher Ryan
Rupert Bates

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